New Stress Test Rules start Apr. 6th!! Look out housing market!

  Hello Folks! Welcome to a new year of housing activity in 2020! the second month has not ended yet and the market is off to a very Hot start! Scarce new listings and an eventual easing of the stress test to mortgage qualifying will surely make this year a very active year in housing. … Continue reading New Stress Test Rules start Apr. 6th!! Look out housing market!

Autumn season 2019!!!

Hello Folks! Hope everyone had an amazing summertime period! and as we head into the Fall season;  remember to check your Home's CO2, monoxide detectors batteries and downspouts outside! Check out the latest Market Watch Video, click here! Or the actual PDF file, click here! Have a great season, All the Best!   Marvin Yeung, … Continue reading Autumn season 2019!!!

Spring is here, but the Weather didn’t show UP!!!!!

    Happy Spring Folks!!! Unfortunately, it doesn't quite feel like it yet, but spring is here and the market is happening! IF you or someone you know is thinking of making a move in Real Estate in Toronto Area, we'd love to speak to them! Our team may now support multi-language capabilities in Farsi, … Continue reading Spring is here, but the Weather didn’t show UP!!!!!


  In the Chinese Tradition, during the full moon on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar, (usually Sept/Oct in the Gregorian Calendar) Asia celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival. The harvest festival has its history dating back over 3,000 years to the Shang Dynasty when people thanked the moon god for … Continue reading HAPPY MID-AUTUMN Festival!!

Welcome to FORD NATION Ontario!!

Congrats folks! We did elect a new Premier of the province on Thursday and hopefully (fingers crossed) there will be better days ahead for Ontario homeowners or potential new ones.  It is possible some changes will take place, as Dougie has mentioned them: like repealing the 15% foreign buyer tax, reducing Land transfer taxes, and … Continue reading Welcome to FORD NATION Ontario!!

Toronto Condos are on a tear!!

  Hi Folks! Notes from the trenches: The Toronto Condo market in the downtown core are on average up 21% year-over-year from October 2016-17 in prices, and the real battle is the sub $500,000 condos where buyers are competing heavily due to affordability.  Part of the possible reactions are also because Buyers want to get … Continue reading Toronto Condos are on a tear!!

Toronto Housing Market has Officially Shifted

 July 17, 2017 Toronto now officially a buyers’ market The ratio of sales compared to new home listings fell below 40 per cent in Toronto, the statistics show. “According to this metric, Toronto has now fully moved from sellers’ territory (ratio above 60 per cent) to buyers’ territory (ratio under 40 per cent),” Petramala wrote. RBC … Continue reading Toronto Housing Market has Officially Shifted

Exclusive Condo Listings as of April 25

Great Afternoon! From time to time, I come across certain listings which ARE NOT ON MLS, and therefore clients may have an opportunity to transact before the rush onto the public market! Here are some of mine for this week, please pass onto anyone you'd feel who would have interest! Thanks! Marvin Yeung, Team Lead and … Continue reading Exclusive Condo Listings as of April 25