Limited-Time Investment Opportunity! Yorkville condo

Ciao Investors! I have a very limited and once in a lifetime Yorkville condo opportunity to Lend in the 1st position for 1 year (Interest Only) at very attractive rates!  Contact me for further details on this amazing opportunity! Thanks! All the Best! Marvin Yeung, Team Lead and Salesperson Marvelloushomes Team, [Live Life Better ™] … Continue reading Limited-Time Investment Opportunity! Yorkville condo

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

  Hi Folks! The Un-official start of summer 2017 begins with a cooling of the Toronto Housing market, since the new measures came into effect in Mid-April.   We have seen longer listings on the market, less offer presentations, and less buyer activity.  This is actually more of a 'pause' of the market or what's … Continue reading Happy Victoria Day Weekend!